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Breaking the Habit: Picky Eaters

We’ve all been there. Waiting an hour for your child to eat three bites. Listening to the never-ending, “I don’t want that, I want chicken fingers.” Hearing, “I’m full” after a few bites of food. Welcome to life with a

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Teaching Love & Compassion

We already know our children are sponges. Even before they are born, they react to stimulus and sounds. When you think about it, from the time they are born, everything is new to them. They have no preconceived notions of

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Making Time For Family

It seems to be getting more and more difficult to set aside time for family. Most households today have two working parents, a full calendar of activities and events for kids and work and endless errands to run. Life just

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Growing Up in a Digital World

We’ve gone through a digital evolution in the past two decades. The extent of available electronics is astounding, as is the rate at which they are continuing to be produced. From iPods and cell phones to tablets, e-readers, computers and

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