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The Giving Spirit

The true meaning of the holidays can sometimes get away from us. While it’s fun to open gifts and attend parties, it’s also important to teach our children the gift of giving. Giving should be done whenever possible, not just

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All About Attitude

A positive or negative attitude is a choice. Our attitudes define how we handle difficult situations, challenges and obstacles in life. Similar to other habits, a positive attitude needs to be taught and displayed for children to learn. Having a

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3 Activities to Teach Respect

As a parent, you are probably well aware of the differences between telling your child something versus showing them. Children learn best by doing. This doesn’t mean oral communication is out the door, but providing visual or hands-on activities for

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Aretha Franklin knows what it’s all about! As parents, all we want is a little respect. But wanting respect and getting it are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum. Like all good habits and values, respect is a learned

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How to Handle Those Three Dreaded Words!

“I Hate You!” There are so many reasons your child may utter these words loudly or under their breath to you. Maybe you didn’t get them the new toy they begged you for. Maybe you told them they couldn’t go

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