5 Screen-Free Indoor Activities For Children

Screen FreeSpring is right around the corner and Mother Nature has been allowing us glimpses of that warm weather we’ve all been dreaming of since the cold settled in. Although there is more opportunity for outdoor play now, there are still some cold days ahead.

Winter is long and we know that as a parent, you CAN’T wait for the weather to warm up so you can shove the kids out the door. Well, until those days arrive, here are a few indoor (and screen-free!) activities to keep those bodies busy and engaged.

  1. Scavenger Hunt. This might take a little more time than you’d like to initially set up, BUT it will hopefully keep your little one busy enough and might even encourage them to learn or notice things they never knew before. It could be a theme, like a color or working off the alphabet. An example of using a color theme could be as follows: (First item – blue can opener. First clue: Find something blue in the kitchen that helps me make dinner. Then have the next note be something blue in another room. Have them search the whole house! This is a great way to help kids explore and learn.
  2. Motivation Board. As we’ve discussed in other posts, it’s important to encourage kids to have goals. Buy a poster board and grab those magazines hiding under the mail pile and some markers (or crayons for the little ones) and have them create a motivation board. Encourage them to write words that describe their goals and paste or draw pictures that make them happy.
  3. Read a Book. Some kids will love this while others will not be so thrilled. It’s important to encourage reading to build imaginations and introduce children to all the potential there is in the world. It doesn’t need to be much, as little as 20 minutes a day will help increase your child’s vocabulary, understanding and imagination.
  4. Board Games. They enjoy playing games on their screens, but how about rolling the dice and interacting with their opponents! Board games are fun and a lot are educational as well. Playing with others also teaches children about winning and losing and how to handle those situations (hopefully gracefully).
  5. Build Something. Instead of recycling all those boxes, containers and toilet paper tubes, compile these in a recycling box and ask your child to use their imagination and build something. Give them some tape, markers, scissors and let them be creative. Not only will it teach them problem-solving skills, but it will also build self-confidence when they see their finished product! Just make sure you clean or rinse the containers before they start building.


Farrells-TKD-profile-logoTKD Tip: In this digital-driven age, it’s inevitable our kids are going to be in front of screens . . a lot. Screen time at home is something to be earned, not routine, so encourage and reward non-screen time activities.

Parent/Child Activity: As your child to come up with some screen-free activities for both of you to do. These don’t necessarily have to be together. For instance, they may say reading. You can either read a book to your child or you can each read your own book. Make sure you lead by example. If they can’t have screen time, you shouldn’t either so don’t play on your phone when they aren’t allowed to.



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