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Managing Multiple Summer Activities

Well, we say summer, but really this topic is applicable to any time of year with children. Whether you have multiple children participating in one activity each or one child participating in a couple activities, it can feel like trying

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Teaching Responsibility

As a parent, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “But it wasn’t my fault,” or some version of this many times over from your child. Children are exceptional at passing blame to others (and creative, too!) and pleading the fifth when

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An Attitude For Success

We all want our children to be successful. When we say “successful” we’re not talking about the local talent show successful, but rather the long-term, happy-relationships, feel-good, confident-person, standing tall kind of successful. Society tends to identify successful individuals as

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Aretha Franklin knows what it’s all about! As parents, all we want is a little respect. But wanting respect and getting it are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum. Like all good habits and values, respect is a learned

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Teaching Kids How to Persevere

In a world that can sometimes be too focused on instant gratification, it’s important to teach our children the importance of perseverance and it’s connection to success. Our children, and us as well, are sensitive to words like “failure”. It

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Teaching Your Kids to Rise Above Bullying

At Farrell’s U.S. Martial Arts, we follow the Tenets of Taekwondo. These are values we work to instill in our students both inside and outside of the dojang (school). One of these values is “indomitable spirit.” What does indomitable spirit

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Staying Positive

Teaching your child how to stay positive is a great life lesson that will pay off infinity-fold as they grow older. We can’t shelter our children from sad news or negative behavior, but we can teach them how to handle

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Raising Healthy Children

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. The most important gift you can give your child, apart from love, is the gift of health. Unfortunately, this gift is not one you can wrap up and give to

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10 Tips to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy

We’re sure you all wish you had the time to be the Pinterest-worthy parent, making cute and healthy bento boxes for your child’s school lunch and preparing fresh from the garden home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, we live in a high-paced society,

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5 Screen-Free Indoor Activities For Children

Spring is right around the corner and Mother Nature has been allowing us glimpses of that warm weather we’ve all been dreaming of since the cold settled in. Although there is more opportunity for outdoor play now, there are still

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