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Managing Multiple Summer Activities

Well, we say summer, but really this topic is applicable to any time of year with children. Whether you have multiple children participating in one activity each or one child participating in a couple activities, it can feel like trying

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Preparing For Sick Season

Fall means outdoor allergies, colds and the beginning of flu season. It also doesn’t help that kids are back in school spreading their germs in the classroom, on the playground and on the buses. So how do you help prevent

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Three Ways to Succeed in an Instant Gratification World

We’ve all heard and read about our instant gratification society. As parents, we see it every day in our children. The Llama Llama children’s books are a series that talks (in a humorous way) about a llama who wants thing

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Aretha Franklin knows what it’s all about! As parents, all we want is a little respect. But wanting respect and getting it are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum. Like all good habits and values, respect is a learned

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5 Tips to Help Your Child Set Goals

If you read our last (and first!) blog post, we discussed the importance of kids having goals. That’s easy enough to understand, but how do you help them actually set those goals? What’s too much or too little? How do

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