5 Indoor Activities to Burn Energy!

Summer and winter can provide some harsh weather conditions that unfortunately mean keeping the kids inside to avoid heat stroke or frostbite.

What Mother Nature doesn’t provide are ways to keep our kids entertained while inside, so it’s up to us parents to provide some fun ways to help kids burn off their exorbitant amount of extra energy.

So the next time it’s too hot for the kids to play outside, consider trying a few of these fun activities to keep them engaged and active!

  1. Roll the dice! Using cardboard or paper, create an activity dice with a specific exercise or activity listed on each side, such as 10 jumping jacks or 15 sit-ups.
  2. Jump pit. What kid doesn’t love to jump! Have them collect pillows, blankets and stuffed animals (anything soft to land on) and create a pit to jump into from the couch or bed.
  3. Dance party. Nothing burns energy quite like a dance party. Have your children pick some of their favorite songs and get ready to party! To make it even more fun, add the “freeze” element where they have to stop in place when the music stops. They’ll be laughing and burning energy in no time.
  4. Snowball fight. Take old newspaper or plain white printer paper and have them crumple it into “snowballs” and let the fun begin. Add in some fun obstacles to hide behind.
  5. Don’t touch the ground. Blow up some balloons and hand them over to the kids and tell them the person that keeps the balloon up the longest wins. To keep them going, make it best out of five games! To add even more fun, tell them you’ll add in obstacles and they can try to knock the other’s balloon away, too.

Check out Pinterest for more great indoor activities to burn off excess energy and remember to think outside of the box.

Farrells-TKD-profile-logoTKD Tip: If kids are stuck inside because of weather, it’s a great opportunity to also have them all do quiet time or work on other skills, like reading or their forms!


Parent/Child Activity: Using large popsicle sticks and a jar or cup, sit down with your child and come up with different indoor activities. Write these on the popsicle sticks and keep them in the jar. On rainy days or indoor days you’ll already have activities to select from instead of trying to think about what to do.


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