Staying Positive

Teaching your child how to stay positive is a great life lesson that will pay off infinity-fold as they grow older.

We can’t shelter our children from sad news or negative behavior, but we can teach them how to handle and control their own emotions.

As adults, we know all too well how negativity can breed more negativity. Learning to stay positive in tough situations not only teaches kids how to have self-control, but also how to live a happier (and healthier) life.

Alice Morse Earle said the following quote:

Every day may not be goodbut there’s something good in every day.”

This is a great quote for children (and everyone, honestly) because it explains that there is always something to be positive about, even when it doesn’t seem so. It reminds us to stop and think about what we can be positive, and thankful, for.

We compiled a few quick tips on ways to encourage positivity in your child’s life. Check them out!

  1. Compliment. It seems simple, but is often forgotten. A simple compliment can go a long way and most times, the compliment-giver is the one that feels the most rewarded for making someone else feel good. Teach your children about nice (and appropriate) compliments. These are also great to offset negativity. Just make sure they aren’t forced, otherwise the value is lost.
  2. Choices. Being positive or negative is a choice. Explain to your child that they can keep a negative attitude, but that won’t affect anyone but themself.
  3. Laugh. Laughter is good for the heart and soul and breeds positivity. Keeping an open, and sometimes humorous mind, can help children remain positive.
  4. Journal. If your child is old enough to write, journaling can be a great way for your child to express themselves and to write out the negative monologue in their head, allowing them to clear it from their thoughts and move forward.
  5. Lead by Example. We can’t comment on this enough with children. How you behave, interact and react are all closely watched by your children. Lead by example. If you find yourself being negative, make that a teaching moment by sitting down with your child and telling them how you need to evaluate your attitude and adjust accordingly.


Farrells-TKD-profile-logoTKD Tip: Keep it realistic. We’re not always going to have good days and that’s perfectly okay. Print off or make a fun poster board with the quote above and put up somewhere you and your children can see it daily to help remind you to look for the positive.


Parent/Child Activity: When you sit down for dinner, have everyone at the table state one positive thing that happened during the day. It could be something big or something miniscule. Many times we dwell on the negative and this practice will help find the positive in each day.


Farrell's Martial Arts takes pride in the quality of our programs and believe in Taekwondo's ability to help anyone reach her or his potential. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our students. We teach the style of Taekwondo you find in the Olympics, which is governed by the World Taekwondo Federation, with programs for kids, teens and adults.

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